Tuesday, 24 April 2007

How Can Ready Mix Construction Materials Benefit The Builders?

Meaning of ready mix products is that they are readily available for use. For example, consider material used in the floor and wall plastering processes. It is mixed at the construction site using raw materials like cement, sand and water by the workers. But in case of the ready mix plaster, all these ingredients are premixed in specific quantities by the machines in a production plant. One can use these pre-mix plasters instantly by just mixing water. Hence, we can say that ready mix products are the one that can be used instantly to reduce efforts and time taken for the process. This is the primary reason why many builders today are using such materials in their projects. These products will offer them many benefits.

Reduced Efforts: The use of ready mix products minimizes efforts of both the builders as well as the laborers. Builders will now have to search for limited manpower for their projects which makes their task much easier. Moreover, laborers will not have to do the entire A to Z process to create the construction materials at the site because they are now readily available.

More Savings: Using ready mix products will not require much labor at the construction site. Builders can now hire only a few laborers for the cause and save up their labor costs. Not only in terms of cost, but builders can also save up their time which otherwise would be required in finding and hiring the laborers for their project.

Lesser Process Start up & Project Completion Time:

When a builder uses ready mix products in his construction venture, he can definitely complete his project in much lesser time because these products will greatly reduce the process start-up time.

Finest Quality

Such products are mechanically mixed and hence the consistency is assured. Builders can accommodate ready mix products for consistent quality in their construction projects.

One of the best examples of such ready mix products gaining recognition in construction industry today is a polymer based dry mix plaster which the builders today are using to speed up the process of plastering in their construction projects. This is a kind of ready mix dry plaster which comes mechanically mixed with ingredients like cement, dust-free sand, polymers and selected additives which make up for a good plastering material. It can be used instantly on the site by mixing appropriate quantity of water. So now builders can say "no" to the lengthy plaster mixing procedures and save up time in their construction projects.

Similarly even ready-to-use polymer based tile adhesives are available in the market these days. Cement, sand and chemicals usually go into manufacturing these adhesive products that enable tight bonding of tiles to the substrate. Generally used for wall and floor tiling processes these adhesives are known to ensure quality tiles fitting process with excellent bonding and low shrinkage features. Application of such readily available tiles fitting adhesives enables faster and efficient tiles fitting, thereby saving up lot of construction time for the builders to employ on other important processes in the project.

Hence, with advantages of ready mix products, they certainly cannot be neglected. Incorporating them in construction projects would definitely be a good job for the builders.

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Thursday, 8 March 2007

After Foreclosure, What's Next?

Few things in life are more difficult than dealing with the process of foreclosure. Neither party wants to have to engage in a foreclosure but lenders have to protect their investment in any way they can so sometimes it is an inevitability if the mortgage isn't getting paid in the agreed fashion.

So what comes after foreclosure? There are a number of different outcomes to the process, some of which are surprisingly positive considering the circumstances. This guide will give you a rough idea of what to expect.

Paying Off The Foreclosure Note

In the absolute best case scenario the homeowner will be able to pay off the foreclosure note before the process gets any further. This is the ideal solution for both parties as it allows the homeowner to keep the house while also satisfying the lender in regards to whether they think the mortgage will be paid properly.

Be wary of paying of this debt through options such as bank loans or other lending services. Homeowners may wind up with a loan that is even more difficult to pay as a result of the measures they take to pay off the foreclosure note.

Selling the Home

If it simply isn't feasible for you to pay off the debt the option to sell the home always remains. This can be done by the seller or by the bank, should they take possession of the property.

This is a tricky option as there is a lot to consider before making the sale yourself. If the homeowner still owes more on the mortgage than they have paid then they will still be liable for that debt unless they can convince the mortgage lender to take a lower payment.

Furthermore, if the sale of the house doesn't satisfy the debt for some other reason the bank will continue chasing the former homeowner for the rest of the money, with the remaining debt continuing to gain interest in many cases.

In the case of auctioning the house, the bank will take control of the property and will look to sell it to the highest bidder. They will then get all of the deeds and everything else relating to the home. In some cases it may be possible to allow somebody to purchase the property and rent it from them, but this usually relies on personal negotiation and the ability to prove that you would be able to pay the rent on time.


Bankruptcy is the most unpleasant option on the list but it can be used when the foreclosure process has been started. By declaring bankruptcy you can stall a foreclosure by months, which may give you the time to save up enough money to pay off the debt and keep the house.

Bear in mind that declaring bankruptcy can have devastating effects on your personal and business life. It will become very difficult to get another loan and there is no guarantee that you will be able to save the property. This should be a last resort and even then it may be wiser to consider selling the house.

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